South African port workers strike!

Staff at South African port terminal operator Transnet have gone on strike over wages since last Friday, with Transnet saying force majeure exists at all South African ports.

Transnet owns and operates 16 terminals and seven ports in South Africa. The seven major South African ports have declared a force majeure strike this time, and South African exporters are facing supply chain disruptions. The strike has resulted in a large backlog of containers and cargo stranded on ships at the ports.

Maersk also recently announced a service adjustment plan and suspended all bookings for dry containers at South African ports.
It also warned that imports “may face lengthy delays” and would waive export fees that require a change of destination.

If there are any import and export plans in the near future, we must pay close attention to the delay and impact of the strikes at various ports on the transportation of goods, so as to avoid unnecessary losses!

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