Calculation formula of weight of stainless steel pipe

Today I recommend two formulas to calculate the weight of stainless steel welded pipe:

There are mainly two kinds of decorative stainless steel pipe orifice shape, square rectangular pipe and round pipe.The formula of the two is as follows :(where 0.02491 is converted from the density of stainless steel as a constant).

(1) The theoretical weight calculation formula of stainless steel round pipe :(outer diameter – actual thickness) * actual thickness *0.02491* length.

For example, the theoretical weight of a 6 m long 51 solid thickness 0.72 mm Warmer stainless steel round pipe is: (51-0.72) *0.72*0.02491*6=5.41kg.

(2) Calculation of theoretical weight of stainless steel square rectangular pipe :(nozzle perimeter / 3.14- actual thickness) * actual thickness *0.02491* length.

For example: take a 6 meters long warlike stainless steel 50*25 solid thickness of 0.72 mm 304 stainless steel pipe, the single weight is: [(50+25) * 2/3.14-0.72] *0.72*0.02491*6=5.06kg.

The above formula is the approximate value, and it is for the theoretical weight value converted into the welded stainless steel pipe. It is only convenient for you to calculate the weight when you do not have the weight table at hand. It is only for reference.

If you want to calculate the theoretical weight per meter of stainless steel pipe, you can change the length to one meter.

Many stainless steel pipe manufacturers are factory by weight, so the specific single weight of stainless steel pipe to the actual weighing shall prevail.

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